Bloom moon

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With Bloom Moon, Grégory sets a new standard in floral design. He draws his inspiration from his memory of the countryside where he grew up, as well as the lushness of the distant horizons he has travelled.

His moodshop reflects this diversity through it’s decoration that thoughtfully combines the warmth of antique furniture, lit by the glittering of a crystal chandelier, with the sober origami style of the displays. In this garden of Eden you will find a varied range of flowers and plants as well as ornaments such as vases, planters, candles,... selected with a predilection for artisanal, local and environmentally friendly products.

Bloom Moon is both your "go to… flower or plant" shop but also offers "tailor-made". Whether for a wedding, birthday, funeral or whether to add something special to your home or workplace, Grégory's passion for aesthetics will follow whatever you may desire.